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The Complete, Proven, Step-by-Step System to Build, Pop, and Profit with Gourmet Popcorn.

MY #1 Program for Opening Your First Popcorn Shop

Your First Lesson

Get a feel for the course and explore the basics by watching the video below from Module 1

Simple Process to Get Started

In this Step-by-Step Training, I Share The Exact Blueprint We Used to Grow KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn to Over 3 Million in Revenue.

0ver 6 hours of video lessons

 Learn The VERY Specific Formula We Used To Open 16 Brick n Mortar Shops and Create Lines of Raving Fans Down the Block.

  • A 9-Module Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Key Concepts

  • Over 6 Hours of Video Instruction

The Ultimate Equipment Buying Guide

Learn the basics of Buying The Right Popper, Caramelizer, Cooling Tables and Tumbler.

  • MY #1 Reccomended Brands and Model #'s

  • How To Avoid Costly Mistakes and Save Thousands

Proven Recipes

Step-by-Step Video Walkthroughs of our How to Make Our Top 5 BESTSELLING Christmas Recipes

  • Snicker Doodle
  • Fancy Nut Caramel
  • Tuxedo
  • Classic Caramel
  • Truffle Fromage Porcini
  • Our Recipes Sell for 70% More Than Other Vendors

What Does the Course Cover?

You Get 9 Modules Packed With My Proven Methods, Negotiating Tricks, and Trade Secrets

Lesson 1: All the Basic Equipment You Will Need to Thrive.

 Learn the basics of Buying Poppers, Caramelizers, Cooling Tables and Tumblers

  • The Pros and Cons of Air Poppers vs Oil Poppers

  • How Much Popping Capacity You Will Need.

  • Most Common Rookie Mistake When Buying Equipment

Lesson 2: Real Shop Numbers

In-Depth Walk Through of the Month-by-Month Numbers for four Actual Popcorn Shops

  • The Actual Gross Margin Breakdown Spreadsheet We Use (For Calculating Cost + Profits)

  • Fixed Vs Variable Costs (and Why Popcorn is SO Profitable)

  • Breakdown of Profits by Type of Popper

Lesson 3: How to Select a Site that SELLS LIKE FRICKEN' CRAZY

 We Take you Step-by-Step through the Leasing Process

  • My #1 Secret Weapon For Negotiating a Great Lease (Guaranteed to pay for the ENTIRE course alone!)

  • The Most Expensive Rookie Mistakes When Signing a Commercial Lease

  • How to Find a Great Location

Lesson 4: The Smart Buildout

We Cover Basic Needs for a Commercial Buildout Including Layout, Design and Engineering

  • Layout (Prep area, sales area storage area)

  • Design (Building a brand guide for colors, patterns, fixtures, and finishes)

  • Engineering (Water, Electrical, HVAC and Fire Suppression)

Lesson 5: Less Complaints, Higher Margins and Fewer Headaches

 How to Position Your Popcorn as Super Premium

  • Why a Premium Brand Will Make Life WAY Easier

  • How to Increase Pricing Power and Decrease Complaints

  • Creating a Premium Brand 101

Lesson 6: Attract and Retain High-Value Customers

 The Proven System to Attract and Retain High-Value Customers

  • The ABP Method

  • How to Grow Your Sales Like a Freaking Weed

  • Corporate Sales Email Template

Lesson 7: Keep The Health Department Happy

We Cover Basic Needs for Permits, Inspections, Ventilation and Sanitation

  • How to Pass Your First Health Inspection
  • Getting Food Managers and Food Handlers Set Up
  • The Biggest Health Risks To Be Aware of in 2019

Lesson 8: Automating Your Business

 Our Full Tech Guide For Easy Payroll, Point of Sale, Staffing Software and Website Creation

  • Must-Have Tech Equipment for Selling Online and Shipping
  • The POS System We Love
  • Our Favorite Tools to Help Your Business Grow

BONUS: The Ultimate Equipment Buying Guide

 Avoid COSTLY MISTAKES and SAVE THOUSANDS when buying your equipment.

  • What to Ask, How to Haggle and the Brands You NEED to AVOID.
  • We also cover MUST-HAVE-TOOLS and Electrical Requirements
  • 3 Keys to Great Ventilation.

KuKuRuZa Academy Pro comes with a 30-day 110% Money Back Guarantee.

I Pride myself on high-quality programs that actually work...if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don't do it, nothing good happens.

If within 30 days, you are unhappy for whatever reason, just email us and you will receive a FULL REFUND. My team and I stand behind KuKuRuZa Academy Pro 100%

Zach Brazzino

Head of Training, The Popcorn Academy

We Know the Ropes

You can skip all the wasted years spent making mistakes and thousands of dollars lost "Figuring it out".

We realized that getting more customers was all about...

  • Making your popcorn and packaging unique (to command a premium price)
  • Understanding the Science of Selling (to increase cart size)
  • Establishing yourself as the perfect solution to someone‚Äôs problem (Large Corporate Buyers).

Once we had narrowed it down to this very specific formula our SALES TOOK OFF and we used the same Blueprint over and over and Over around the world.

Simple Process to Get Started

Lifetime Access. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


9 Video Lessons

6 Hours of Video

Digital & Downloadable

The Ultimate Equipment Buying Guide

Step-by-Step Recipe Videos

5 Christmas Recipes

Email Support

100% Money Back Guarantee


9 Video Lessons

6 Hours of Video

Digital and Downloadable

The Ultimate Equipment Buying Guide

Step-By-Step Recipe Videos

5 Christmas Recipes

Email Support

100% Money Back Guarantee

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